Our People

Engineering Team

Proplanner's staff consists of highly educated engineers and computer scientists.  Our dedicated staff members are specifically educated and experienced in our field, and are passionate and dedicated to being the most competent specialists possible.

As such, our team specializes in helping companies solve the most complicated problems in the areas of video-based time estimation; assembly line balancing; configured product and process engineering; and web-deployed, auto-generated, multi-media shop floor work instructions via the use of the latest technology.


Management Team

Dave Sly

President and Founder, is a registered professional engineer with a bachelors, masters and PhD degree in Industrial Engineering.  Dave understands the issues facing the factory planner. Dave's expertise in software for manufacturing is reflected in his more than 40 papers and over 100 seminar presentations on the subject.  Dave, who also holds an MBA, knows first-hand the challenges of growing a business in this space.  He started, managed for 15 years, and then sold Cimtechnologies Corporation, which produced and marketed factory planning software now owned by Siemens.  More than $30 million worth of Dave's products were sold to such technology-savvy manufacturers as Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Toyota. In addition, Dave has served as the VP of Factory products for EAI, and the director of the e-factory business unit of EDS.  He is also a part-time faculty member within the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, as well as the Department of Logistics and Management Information Systems at Iowa State University.


Helena Poist

COO & Vice President of Marketing, brings 30 years of marketing experience to the company.  Helena was Chief Operating Officer and Director of Marketing and Sales of Cimtechnologies for 4 years.  During this time, Helena learned the processes of developing, marketing, and selling software-planning tools to industrial engineers.  Later, as Director of Marketing of a company called Palisade Systems, Helena gained valuable experience in leveraging the business potential of the Internet.  Helena, who also holds an MBA, is a former university lecturer in Marketing. 


Premnath Gopinath

Executive Director Research & Development, Holds a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University with a concentration on Operations Research and Information Systems Engineering as well as a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Premnath has valuable experience in inventory control and production planning, supply chain management, production scheduling, simulation modeling, e-commerce systems engineering, and enterprise modeling and integration.

Technical expertise: C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, JavaScript, XML, ASP


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