César Silva Salazar
University del Valle de Guatemala

In University del Valle de Guatemala we are always in search of new technologies to improve our academic and research results.  ...After the participation of our department director of Industrial Engineering, Estuardo Sierra, to the “Institute of Industrial Engineers Conference”, Proplanner was the most interesting company which offered plant logistic system optimization software. During the second semester of that year, one of our classes in the department started using the software that Proplanner offers for analyzing time and motion studies. The experience has been really satisfactory for students and teachers, the products that Proplanner offered applied perfectly the concepts taught in classes. The software also allowed the students to apply in a simulated, controlled and academic environment the various methods of process optimization and evaluate results via different useful reports. From that experience, we are always looking for new products Proplanner offers to apply in other classes. The usage of Proplanner products will allow us to improve the application of academic concepts like optimized routings inside plant designs, ergonomic studies in work stations and production reports on line balancing.   

Mark Siemsglusz, Senior Industrial Engineer
Stewart & Stevenson

 About a year ago we formed a Manufacturing Engineering Group here at Stewart & Stevenson with the primary focus of taking our MBOM accuracy from a 3sigma level to a 6sigma level.  We also wanted to define how all of our products are to be produced/assembled by delivering optimized routings, and manufacturing bills of materials and work instructions, including all supporting documents needed by production operators to build the product.

We turned to Proplanner and their suite of products to integrate their suite of products to integrate with Autodesk Vault from the front end and integrate with our JD Edwards ERP on the backside.  The results so far have been great.  We know that manufacturing processes must be planned, designed, modeled, and ramped up to compete, and Proplanner has improved our ability to do so.

Todd Highlen, President & CEO
Solutions Engineering, LLC

Solutions Engineering provides complete engineering services for the manufacturing industry.  Since our inception, we have utilized Proplanner’s suite of software to assist us with delivering optimally-engineered solutions to our customers. 

For a heavy agricultural manufacturer, we rebalanced and time studied two current assembly lines into one -  from 15 total direct line operators to 11 and from 9 units/shift to 15.4/shift.  In addition to the Assembly Planner software, we also optimized material flow with the Flow Planner software and delivery of the materials to the line with the Tugger Analysis to provide all of the indirect labor and space required to compliment the new assembly line.  We are still working with the customer to implement Proplanner’s PFEP module to assist them with tracking the real time, daily flow of materials throughout the facility.

Onur Ulgen, President
Production Modeling Corporation (PMC)

Proplanner tools have facilitated optimal solutions in our process improvement projects and drastically reduced the pay back period for our clients. In one case alone, Production Modeling Corporation (PMC) used Proplanner's Flow Planner Tool to help to reduce indirect labor and material handling equipment in one of the top three major automotive production plants by 15% resulting in savings of $6 million annually.

Dave Kunselman, President
The Productivity Team (TPT)

The Productivity Team (TPT) is a major engineering services firm located in Michigan. On two recent projects Proplanner provided our team with the analysis, and visualization of the materials handling systems based upon data collected in the field by our staff. Each study involved the detailed evaluation of over 100 materials handling people in plant sizes exceeding 500K square feet. In only three weeks per plant, Proplanner's team was able to accurately model both their current state and future state materials handling systems. These analyses included a detailed work study and CAD-based flow diagram for each material handler in each factory. The resulting detailed visual and quantitative reports were a critical asset in defining and selling our solution to the plant and union management at each factory. Each study resulted in a reduced material handling time of over 16% with nearly a $1M annual savings requiring no significant capital investment. Many of the benefits were achieved via the improved design of existing and proposed tugger delivery methods which were designed in Proplanner's new Tugger analysis module.

John S. Usher, PhD, PE

I am really impressed with the Flow Planner. Your folks did a great job explaining the software, which is so much easier to use than the later versions of Factory Flow. Anyone familiar with the original versions of Factory Flow, should be up and running in minutes. Even if they never used Factory Flow before, the style of flow representation is very intuitive and easy to understand. I also like some of the newer features especially the filtering, aggregation, and integration capability with Excel. Overall, Proplanner's Flow Planner is definitely the premier product in the industry.

Debbie Spencer-Acker, President & CEO
Wild Ideas - Supply Chain Management Consulting

Dave Sly's interpretive approach to factory planning was way ahead of its time back in 1991 and continues to be a valuable and efficient tool for industrial engineers and process planners. On many domestic and foreign projects we were able to cut indirect and direct labor projections made by typical plant analysis tools by 25-50%. In plants where daily production is over 1000, that's quite an accomplishment in terms of manpower and equipment cost savings.

Dirk J. Rauglas, Executive Director
MTM Association

The Proplanner Team has developed one of the most extensive applications available in the market today…

Chad M. Gundlach, Director of Product Development
O'Neil Product Development, Inc.

For years we had been using MSWord for our work instructions with large files and inconsistent results. We found Proplanner an extremely easy way to generate, maintain, control and go "Online" with our extensive collection of work instructions. The screens are intuitive, and the overall system is very customizable. Proplanner's screens were tailored specifically for our production personnel and their work environment. Proplanner is a powerful and low cost tool that will surely raise your production and engineering capabilities.

Major Appliance Manufacturer, Industrial Engineering Manager

The greatest strength of Proplanner is its ease of use. The software saves engineering time and enhances productivity while developing a better record in the process.

Michael P. Smith, Consultant
Production Modeling Corporation

Proplanner gives manufacturers "information at their fingertips". The product not only helps save time, but it is also affordable. The product is "evolutionary, not revolutionary". In other words, Proplanner merely takes what many manufacturers are already doing on paper and then computerizes that work giving them a better way of performing the work they are already doing. Users can be trained to use Proplanner very quickly.

Antonio Diaz, Technical Manager
Design Systems, Inc.

Proplanner's Flow Path Calculator adapts to the amount of detail required throughout the different phases of a facilities and material handling planning project, doing it seamlessly to the user. Its integration into AutoCAD, ease to transfer data and results into other applications in any stage of the analysis process makes it a very convenient choice. Time required to analyze the material handling requirements for a complete automotive facility has been reduced more than four times compared to equivalent products.

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