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Proplanner provides Shop Floor Viewer, which pushes work instructions to the next level to give shop floor workers direct access to view electronic work instructions using a web browser. This paperless method ensures that the most recent documents are being viewed. Shop floor workers can scan the model number to which they are assigned to pull up the work instruction for their model and station assignment. 

Engineers first author their work instructions in Assembly Planner's Work Instructions module.  The data can then be distributed electronically to the Shop Floor Viewer via a publishing tool.  Proplanner’s publisher will maintain copies and history of changes for all current revisions and previous version for auditing and other requirements.



Order-specific sets of work instructions are deployed to the shop floor so that shop floor workers do not have to sort through all work instructions for all models; only work instructions that apply to that product order are shown.

The Sign on/Sign off feature provides another level of control on the shop floor and creates worker accountability.

The time-tracking system helps track total working time on a unit vs. total elapsed time at a station. 

Revision notifications alert users when a new work instruction has been published for a particular model so that it can be reviewed before work begins on that model.

The Change Request Management system provides a simple way for any user to file change requests without having to search for a change request form or leave the shop floor.

Supporting documents (images, videos, audio files, CAD drawings, etc.) can be linked to work instructions.

Record logs track and maintain accurate records of work instructions revisions, missing or damaged parts, and production progress and completion data.

Email notifications communicate emergency alerts as well as everyday production activities to supervisors and engineers instantly.

Serial Number/Part Identification is performed through bar code scanning.  This validates that the correct part has been installed, which is a challenge to maintain in most manufacturing execution systems (MES) in high mix/low volume environments.

Pick to Light (PTL) allows for operators to pick parts quickly and with fewer errors. 


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