Proplanner for Universities

We believe it's important that students learn and understand the basics of practices such as time and motion studies, assembly line balancing, and layout planning.  We also believe it's important that students are aware of and given access to the latest technology available that will make their future work easier and their impact on industry greater. 

Professors all around the world have adopted Proplanner software as an integral teaching tool for their industrial and manufacturing engineering courses.  Students are interacting with the software in the classroom with real-world examples as well as in the field during joint industry projects. 

Here's how your university can start using Proplanner software today:


1.  Download standalone applications:

Basic Package:  ProTime EstimationFlow Planner, and Workplace Planner

We provide a homework e-packet with each package that includes a homework assignment and assignment key for each piece of software.

2.  Install the software.

We provide you with complete installation instructions to download and install the software.  All users have access to the full versions of the applications during the 30 day trial periods.  Applications default to the Lite versions after trial ends.


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