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Proplanner’s Assembly Planner allows users to define and manage how products are manufactured. The suite incorporates mBOM management with process sequence, time, and resource requirements.

Armed with this data, process engineers can accurately determine the specific resource and time commitments, and costs, associated with every product model and option. The Process Engineering Suite provides this information instantly and at a very high level of detail.


Time Estimation
Line Balancing
Work Instructions
Engineering Change Management
PFMEA & Control Plan
Resource Management


  • Maintain a searchable library of operations and activities for reuse, driving consistency in process definitions.
  • Drag and drop predefined operations, activities and elements from a user-defined library to construct the process plan.
  • Define manufacturing operations and activities, then map them to their respective components and assemblies.
  • Generate process plans based on process mapping and product structure. Develop process graphs and Gantt charts.
  • Assign activities and resources for each operation. Assign alternative process plans for the same component or assembly. Assign resources, activity locations, chemicals used, parts consumed and assemblies at each location.
  • Track process changes by date, person or data.
  • Assign effectivity dates to operations and components.


  • Save time developing a process plan by quickly dropping and dragging pre-defined process elements from the database library.
  • Eliminate wasted effort by reusing existing process definitions. All process definitions and times are maintained in the searchable library.
  • Improve communication with informative diagrams of the manufacturing process.
  • Improve quality and consistency of process documentation. Pre-engineered forms and templates make it easy to define and maintain a library of process documentation. This is a tremendous benefit when compared with the traditional file-cabinet approach of hand-written forms that can be difficult to locate, read and keep up-to-date.
  • Proplanner can streamline communication between multiple departments through back-end system interfaces.  If the design team changes a part or an engineering BOM, the details of that change can be sent automatically to Assembly Planner, where the manufacturing engineer makes the necessary changes to the manufacturing BOM, process routing, work instructions, etc.  These changes are then sent automatically to the ERP/MRP system where operations, scheduling, planning, accounting, and other departments access the now shared data.  Some completed interfaces:


               Autodesk Vault, CATIA, Siemens Teamcenter


               JDE, MAPICS, Oracle Fusion, SAP

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