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Proplanner's ProTime Estimation module organizes your task time data in an easy to use spreadsheet format. ProTime Estimation is available as a stand-alone tool at no cost.

It is also integrated into Assembly Planner with additional features.  Within Assembly Planner, studies can be referenced within other modules and rolled up to calculate times for operations, or displayed within Work Instructions.

Breaking the times into estimated, observed, or calculated times allows for easy input, independent of what types of time information is already documented.  Performing multiple types of time studies on a single process can also lead to enhance task analysis and improvement.

You can optionally integrate videos of your work tasks and perform BOTH observed and predetermined studies (i.e. MTM, MODAPTS, etc) from the same video clip and reconcile your results. In addition, video segments from your time studies are automatically reference-able within your work instructions.



  • Proplanner’s time module accepts the most popular predetermined time standards such as MTM and MODAPTS, as well as allows users to modify these standards and even create their own. You can even create your own templates in Excel and import them into Proplanner for reference by users who are less familiar with your coding system.
  • Proplanner allows the use multiple predetermined time standards concurrently. A must for organizations in transition from one system to another!
  • Proplanner’s MS Excel-like data entry grids allow for easy insert, delete, cut, copy and paste functionality.
  • Our MTM-B support allows users the ability to estimate activities using plain language descriptions suitable for shop floor work instruction use.
  • Users may also import customized time elements for each process, as well as create formulas that can compute complex machining times.
  • Users may classify and color-code each element as Value Added or Non Value Added time, and generate pie charts showing waste.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities generate detailed process information for your Lean Process Improvement studies.



  • Reduce Estimation Time. Using built-in MTM tables and pre-defined time standards, users can quickly estimate process times from the highly accurate MTM-1, 4M and MODAPTS standards to the less accurate MTM-B descriptions.
  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of your task times with user-defined formulas and look-up tables.
  • Benchmark tasks according to lean principles to quickly identify tasks to focus on for lean improvement.
  • Save money and time by supporting your legacy time standards while transitioning to new ones. Only Proplanner can work with more than one predetermined time system concurrently.
  • Share and communicate elemental time definitions with our web-based environment and XML import/export capabilities.



  • Each study can be saved as an individual file that can be shared, opened, and edited by multiple users.
  • The spreadsheet based time study data can be directly copied and pasted into and out of ProTime Estimation.
  • Reports with pie, pareto, and gantt charts can be generated to be viewed, printed, or exported to multiple formats (i.e. Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV, etc.)

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 Our predetermined time calculations are supported, and authorized by the North American MTM Association.



Our predetermined time calculations are authorized by the International MODAPTS Association (IMA).



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