Workplace Planner®


The Workplace Planner® takes the hassle out of diagramming operator walk paths, calculating station cycle times and walk distances, determining LEAN work content, and evaluating ergonomic lift and carry issues.

Working within AutoCAD, the Workplace Planner® automatically generates Walk-path diagrams and calculates worker walk times, lean value-added percentages, travel distances, and ergonomic safety assessments. Walk-path diagrams and animation help visualize the process directly on the layout in AutoCAD.


  • Automatically create flow paths and manually create user-defined paths
  • Analyze up to 1000 flow paths and up to 25 operators concurrently
  • Automatically scale path segment thickness according to walk intensity, and create variable-sized flow path arrows and distance labels
  • Evaluate MODAPTS, MTM-1/UAS/B and user defined process time codes, or interface with Proplanner, Microsoft Excel and other standard work measurement systems to evaluate additional labor time standards
  • Automatically compute LEAN value-added %
  • Import and Export from / to Excel CSV files
  • Analyze walk flow paths from and to moving parts on multi-segment part paths
  • Evaluate Lift and Carry of weight according to the OSHA approved “SNOOK” method
  • Animate operator walk flows in 2D or 3D for stationary or moving parts (2D only in standalone)
  • Synchronize up to 3 workers concurrently and diagram operator walk paths with unique colors per operator


  • 2D or 3D outputs are easy to understand and suggest improvement possibilities. They look professional and are good to show anybody who is not familiar with the setup, how the system works.
  • Excel data input and output makes the program simple to use and more versatile at dealing with data. This also adds to the numbers of ways that data can be inputted, adding to the user-friendliness of the program.
  • Time needed is greatly reduced by automatically generated walk paths and calculation of variables.
  • Use of MTM and MODAPTS codes speed process and walk time calculation and add recognizability to the data.
  • Stationary and moving parts along with multiple operator integration makes accurately representing the real world more manageable.
  • LEAN analysis is a must in today's work place and this feature can save your company large amounts of money by helping reduce and prevent worker injuries.

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Additional Media

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