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Stop struggling to re-author and reformat work instructions for each and every product configuration in your order list.  Proplanner’s Work Instructions module can auto-generate visual work instructions in seconds. By leveraging information from a robust database, Proplanner quickly populates a user-customized template for any model and option configuration. This means that detailed work instructions with the most current information will always be available to quickly distribute through traditional print methods or electronically by Proplanner’s intranet-based Shop Floor Viewer.

Proplanner’s work instruction editor allows users to maintain accurate, up-to-date information related to production activities, product components, production resources and tooling, order and build lists, shop floor locations, and more. Proplanner’s Shop Floor Viewer allows engineers to publish interactive, order-specific work instructions that multiple shop floor users can access in real-time for any task on any component at any station.  Shop Floor Viewer can not only generate work instructions for each product configuration, but can release the set of work instructions specific to your current order.



Generate Instructions Quickly. By leveraging product and process data to automatically populate work instruction templates, the time to author and redistribute instructions decreases dramatically.

Produce Detailed Instructions. By attaching supporting files such as diagrams, images, videos, and CAD files to the instructions, shop floor personnel are provided with all the information they need to understand instructions and complete tasks.

Promote Accuracy of Information. When any engineering change is made, work instructions can be immediately updated so that shop floor workers have access to the new information to avoid errors or miscommunication on the floor.

Improve Communication. Automatic email notifications and controlled access to work instructions link the engineering department directly to the manufacturing floor.

Leverage Product Data. The application quickly and easily references product, plant and resource graphics, so that actual product data is used in the creation of the work instructions. 


Editing and Distributing

The Work Instructions module capitalizes on the extensive database features of Assembly Planner to provide detailed and up-to-date work instructions.  Engineers can type text, insert images and add hyperlinks to movies and other files to supplement work instruction content.  The current work step instructions, resources used, parts consumed, plant location, time studies, and other important reference information for each activity can then be imported from the database. The work instructions can then be previewed and printed or distributed electronically via Proplanner's Shop Floor Viewer.



mBOM-linked work instructions can be developed for components, operations, activities, locations, or resources to incorporate all information necessary to create an end item or sub assembly.

Print or electronic work instructions – you decide; revisions are tracked and saved either way.

The multi-user environment allows more than one user at a time access to view and edit data and publish work instructions for different models or workstations. Individual profiles and defined user roles control what rights each user has within the system.






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