PFEP eKanban

You can't improve what you can't measure. Start capturing statistics, and recieving performance alerts, on the efficiency and operation of your Kanban system today!

Proplanner's PFEP eKanban system tracks the pull of empty containers and the replenishment of full containers within a manual Kanban system.  With eKanban, engineers can see the min, max, and average part replenishment time, as well as the number of times each container has cycled during the past shift, day, week, etc.  In addition, the system can automatically print new labels for each container replenishment (to support non-returnable Kanban containers), or it can request containers from supermarkets located at vendor sites anywhere in the world. 

The app fully supports remote supermarket locations, so that you can alert suppliers in different sites, immediately when the empty container is pulled from the line. With this system, full containers will often arrive at the line, before the empties even make it back to the supplier!  In addition, part shortages in Kanban replenishment are alerted immediately, while there is still time to correct the problem - before the line shuts down!

Reduced replenishment cycle time by 66%, lineside inventory by 84%, and part shortages by over 98% over that of manually-implemented Kanban.

-Actual results from a large and sophisticated assembly plant with over 1,000 lineside Kanban stock locations



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Additional Documents

PFEP Case Study


PFEP Case Study - Ag/Construction Equipment

Plan For Every Part Logistics Systems Rules


PFEP Rules



eKanban Replenishment Process

PFEP eKanban Tugger Driver Replenishment               


eKanban Request Process

 eKanban Replenish Workflow



Complete eKanban Cycle

PFEP eKanban Workflow



Shop Floor Dashboards

Great for viewing on tablets and phones for quick system health checks


Kanban Card Status Dashboard



Kanban Card Status - Live updates of all cards in the system.  Highlights cards which have been scanned Hold in the supermarkets, signalling an out of stock situation.


Kanban Pan Turn Times



Kanban Pan Turn Times - Quickly identify every point of use that is consuming parts faster than expected.


Kanban Stage Times



Kanban Stage Times - Immediate feedback for your operation to determine how long it takes to respond to kanban requests.



Kanban Cards and Rack Labels

Generated automatically using customized templates


Kanban Card Template


Kanban Card - One time use card, helping to eliminate the issues associated with lost cards.




Rack Label - Scanned by driver when dropping off containers.  Confirms that container is delivered to the correct location.





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