PFEP eKitting

Stop wasting time and money trying to force your ERP system to create supermarket-specific kits of parts for unique product configurations.

Proplanner's PFEP eKitting is a system which generates pick-lists for parts received from supermarkets to meet the specific needs of a product (or workstation) on the assembly line. 

With eKitting, PFEP will create ordered pick-lists for each unit (or batch of units) released to the assembly line and send these pick-lists to hand-held scanners or printers connected to the internet, or intranet. 

Plants can request sequenced or unit-specific part kits from in-plant supermarkets or external vendors quickly and easily, at a very low cost.

The kitting system provides the ability to import configurable BOM's and Build list order files from simple text files or XML files exported from your ERP system.



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eKitting Shopfloor Workflow


eKitting System Overview

eKitting System Overview


eKitting Handheld


eKitting Handheld Workflow


Shop Floor Dashboards

Great for viewing on tablets and phones for quick system health checks





Part Picker Open Carts - Identifies all carts that have been opened.  System highlights carts with issues.






Part Picker Closed Carts - Quickly spot carts which will miss the delivery window.


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