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Conference 2022


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our conference on Thursday April 21st.

All recordings from the User Conference are now available below. 


Individual Panelist Sessions


McNeilus Truck: Shop Floor MES

Brad Martin and Rohith Venkataswamy from McNeilus Truck discussed how they deployed our MES Application to enhance Shop Floor Instruction availability and Hot Issues reporting and resolution.

Case New Holland (CNH): Multi-site Corporate Deployment

Kelly Dugan from CNH goes into detail on their long history of using and deploying Proplanner Engineering and Execution tools on many of their plants globally.

Demco: Commercial Trailer Assembly Engineering

JC Koerselman from Demco presents how they are engineering and documenting their commercial trailer manufacturing and assembly operations within Assembly Planner. 

Proplanner: 3D Virtual Assembly, Work Instruction View Definition and Graphical Consumption Authoring

Sanjay and Robin from Proplanner present how they are using the new 3D Virtual Build module to define part consumption in the process routing and create assembly documentation views and images.

Proplanner: 3D Virtual Assembly, Precedence Validation/Authoring and Yamazumi-based Task-Station Assignment

Robin from Proplanner presents how to author and validate assembly task precedence and station assignment using an Integrated 3D product model.

Proplanner: Software Architecture, Security and Governance

Prem from Proplanner goes over the Architecture of our expanded suite of applications and discusses changes we have made to Single Sign On (SSO), Security and Governance.

Proplanner: MES and IIOT

Dave and Jeff from Proplanner demonstrate recent additions to our MES IIOT connectivity using OPC Classic and OPC UA to connect Atlas Copco DC Torque tools, Wireless Scanners, Ethernet Andon Tower Lights and Allen Bradley PLCs.

Proplanner: MES Shop Floor Viewer Enhancements

Abhishek from Proplanner demonstrates recent additions to our MES Shop Floor Viewer application to enhance operator visibility on upcoming vehicle options on the assembly line.

Proplanner: Using Assembly Planner for Standardized Waste Analysis in Appliance Assembly

Karli from Proplanner demonstrates how a major Appliance manufacturer that she supports uses Assembly Planner for Standardized Waste Analysis.

Proplanner: CNH Racine Case Study using PFEP for eKanban and eKitting 

Nico from CNH and Abhishek from Proplanner present a case study using the new shop floor eKanban and eKitting Android-based module for shop floor logistics.

Proplanner: Flow Planner Tugger Analysis Case Study from Dave Hamel of Ghafari

Dave Hamel from Ghafari demonstrates how he used the Flow Planner Tugger module to design an automotive assembly plant tugger delivery system.

Proplanner: FMEA AIAG VDA Analysis using the new flexible Quality Module in Assembly Planner

Rob and Arul from Proplanner show the new FMEA VDA standard implemented in our new Quality Module.

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