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MES Assembly Process - Mfg to Execution

May 16, 2023

8:30am to 4pm
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Dave Sly ( )
Brookfield Conference Center, Brookfield Wisconsin

What Will I Learn?

DISCOVER: How monthly subscription assembly Manufacturing Execution System (MES) technology is helping manufacturers quickly and cost effectively implement a fully integrated digital manufacturing engineering and shop floor execution system

  • Learn how to setup low-cost shop floor workstations with simple readily available hardware (touch-screens,Intel Nuc’s, Android Scanners, Rasberry Pis)

  • Author and deploy auto-configured work instructions with order-specific part and tooling callouts and labor requirements.

  • Learn how to quickly and easily track Actual vs Expected labor for highly configured assemblies.

  • Connect Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), quality control/traceability and work instruction initiatives

  • PLCs, scanners, Pick-to-light systems, DC torque tools

  • Non-Conformance Report integrated with defect tracking and work instructions 

  • Product genealogy and component serial validations

  • Learn how to deploy collaboration technologies between the shop floor and planning (Pictures, Videos, CAD models, SMS notifications)

  • Manage worker task qualifications and station assignments

  • Capabilities of a Quick and Easy Andon System you can deploy on TV Screens, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Why Should You Attend?

If you want to learn how to leverage cloud and IIOT technology to quickly bring unit-specific instructions and shop floor data collection and control to your assembly lines with a very low startup cost.

  • Improve traceability of manufacturing data, shop floor workers, and production events

  • Reduce effort of the engineering and planning teams for managing process sheets and automation initiatives for highly configured assemblies

  • Build and deploy IIoT capabilities with an instant payback using monthly subscription cloud-based solutions

  • Reduce launch times for product design changes and process improvements, while enhancing access to documents, pictures, videos and CAD models

  • Experience quicker and more meaningful and traceable communication between engineering and production

  • Gain hands-on experience with real systems deployed at world-class Fortune 100 manufacturing firms – recently now cost-effective for SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises)

  • Enhance productivity communications with simple and effective web-based Andon systems.

Workshop Schedule

I.  8:30 - Continental Breakfast meet and greet

II. 9:00 - Introduction

a. Review the Agenda and Affirm Objectives
b. Laptop setup (bring your own -Select HERE for
compatibility check)

III. 9:30 - Process Authoring

a. Modify a process routing to define additional manual and automated tasks
b. Reference a 3D product model and annotate Named Views and Snapshots to document the work to be performed
c. Associate shop floor automation with variant (Model/Options) dependent process parameters
d. Evaluate the assembly line balance and adjust the task assignment to stations as needed
e. Publish the process routing with instructions, references to documents, CAD models and parameters to the Shop Floor MES

IV. Noon - 12:45 Lunch

12:45 - Shop Floor MES

a. Log into MES, view instructions and perform
b. Worker roles, qualifications, experience
c. Review and Report on collected data

VI. 2:00 - MES Andon Issues and Quality Mgmt

a. Post Hot Issues and track in Andon
b. Review Andon reporting/viewing
c. Post Quality Issues, record pics/video and
annotate and post 3D CAD notes

VII. 3:00 - MES Device details

a. Work with Torque Tools/Scanner/PLC
b. IoT Service details – deployment, hardware
c. Deep Dive on associated Communication
Protocols, Device Types

VIII. 3:30 - Additional Topics Overview

a. Power BI Reporting
b. Quality (FMEA/Control Plan)
c. PFEP/Kitting

IX. 4pm - Adjourn

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