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SSO Single Sign-On


With Single Sign-On, you can easily eliminate the use of simple password-based local authentication accounts that lack central governance and enhanced security features like MFA, while also improving productivity between the various Proplanner apps. The users are spared from needing to maintain the username or password for Proplanner apps separately. Along with seamless access, it also gives several benefits that will enhance the user experience of both the users and system administrators alike.

Single Sign-On is available now to SAML and OAuth2.0 based Identity Providers.

To learn more about what the SSO new feature entails, read our Single Sign-On blog post.

Data Security Encryption

Data Security Encryption

  • Application developed on MS.NET 4.7.2. Framework with .NET Core 3.1

  • Client to Application Web Services communication protected by TLS 1.2 moving to 1.3.

  • Support SQL Server Trusted Connections.

  • Support for Transparent Data Encryption in SQL Server for encrypting data at rest.

  • All SQL Server data traffic uses a dedicated Service.

  • All client document access including video traffic is sent through the secure TLS 1.2 encrypted web services.

  • Role-based access control of all the features in Assembly Planner, with support for custom roles.



Data Hosting Security Cloud Based

Data Hosting Security

  • Encrypted file shares and data transfers. Client data servers either Azure or AWS.

  • Development servers located externally by providers with secure facilities.

  • Weekly security review meetings lead by Proplanner President. This includes monitoring and reviewing of automated virus and firewall systems.

  • Client data purged after completion of the project at request by the client.

  • Client system access limited by specific individuals to specific client systems.

  • Quarterly review of active access by individual and client.

  • Locked access to development facility 24/7- very limited access by non-staff.

  • Development servers are located externally by providers with secure facilities.

  • Strong passwords are required of employees with regularly required changes. Multi-Factor Authentication for login.

  • All employees submit to regular background checks.

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