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Proplanner is the leader of PLM-MDM (Manufacturing Data Management for the Product Lifecycle) solutions, focusing on streamlining the release of new product introductions and product updates for assembly plants. Our products import the eBOM and ECOs to integrate and author the mBOMs, process routings, tooling requirements, plant layouts, work instructions and in-plant logistics data necessary to produce complicated assemblies in many variants. Once optimized and reconciled, Proplanner can then automatically export all of this time-phased information to ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Mapics and JD Edwards for rapid, accurate, and optimally-engineered production release.

Proplanner solutions are used by manufacturers around the world in the automotive, recreational vehicle, aerospace, agriculture and construction, military, white goods, highway vehicles, electrical equipement, medical device, and academic industries. 

Proplanner offers products to engineer and manage the manufacturing process and plant, as well as engineer and execute the in-plant logistics system.  Assembly Planner is used to estimate activity and operation times, balance work across the assembly line considering many factors, generate and deploy shop floor instructions, and publish mBOMs and Routings to ERP.  PFEP is an application used to define the placement, containerization, and replenishment of materials in stations along the assembly line; Flow Planner is used to evaluate layout and material handling resource allocation; and eKanban and eKitting electronically execute materials replenishment. The integration of these applications provide a full solution from eBOM to production deployment.

Prior to founding Proplanner in 2002, Dr. David Sly founded Cimtechnologies Corporation in 1987 around his master's thesis (FactoryFLOW). FactoryFLOW was the first AutoCAD-based factory layout and material flow analysis application. Subsequently, the company developed a suite of other plant layout applications, including FactoryCAD and FactoryPLAN.  These applications are now owned by Siemens PLM, who continues to sell those products today. Dr. Sly and Proplanner have since continually focused on developing a suite of integrated plant and process engineering applications that leverage the latest technologies.

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