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WHEN: February 2nd, 2021

WHERE: Virtual 

Join leading engineers and technology managers from top manufacturing companies at our virtual conference to hear their honest experiences with Proplanner's manufacturing software solutions from Line Balancing, Work Instructions, PFEP, and more. Participate in post-session conversations and enjoy networking opportunities.

Why Attend? 

This event allows attendees to hear from other companies in the industrial, agricultural, automotive, appliance, recreational, and aerospace industries on how they are getting value from using the Proplanner Assembly PLM solutions. Proplanner consultants, users, and managers will share how they incorporate their engineering ECOs, eBOM's and 3D models into their mBOMs, Processes, and Work Instructions down to their Shop Floor MES and ERP systems all via Proplanner’s Assembly-Oriented workflows and manufacturing modules.

Who Should Attend?

Manufacturing Engineers, Industrial Engineers, PLM/IT managers, In-Plant Logistics Managers, Directors, or VP’s of Manufacturing Assembly Plants, and Engineering Consultants will learn new technologies and techniques.  If you are responsible for engineering, data, and workflow processes from when the eBOM and ECO are released thru to the Shop Floor MES, Kitting/Kanban, Andon, and ERP execution you won’t want to miss these demonstrations of leading-edge applied Assembly Plant technologies and processes.

Featured Speakers From

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Conference Topics

  • Assembly Planner -Consumption Workbench
    • The Consumption Workbench feature within Assembly Planner involves the mapping items, phantoms, drawings, and other BOM entities to processes (activities in our case). Learn more here
  • ANDON Factboard
    • Factboard is Proplanner’s ANDON Dashboard environment for the shop floor. Read more about our Factboard here.
  • Line Balancing- Drift Analysis
    • Drift Analysis allows the engineer to evaluate the impacts of temporary over-Takt cycle time work conditions on mixed-model production assembly lines with fixed TAKT times during portions of the day. 
  • 3D Virtual Assembly
    • greatly expands the value of our solution by increasing the speed and quality of launching accurate work instructions and line balance scenarios to the shop floor while eliminating the cost of independent CAD viewers within manufacturing.
  • Proplanner Labs
    • The engineers at Proplanner Labs have been hard at work on constructing our first in-house MES station which is being used to test our upcoming support for DC Torque tools, Andon Screens, and Andon light towers.
  • Flow Planner
    • Visually analyze material flow, evaluate plant layouts, and minimize material handling labor for a better layout, faster.
  • Advanced Scheduler
    • Quickly and accurately slot orders and visually evaluate scheduling conflicts through user-defined constraints to ultimately reduce operational costs and increase revenue. 

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12 Sessions 

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