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Past Webinars

Past Webinars


Ergonomics with Dave Sly

Join Dave Sly as explains how our Ergonomics module within Assembly Planner works and how it may benefit you.

3D Virtual Build with Todd Bodzislaw

Todd plans to show a feature overview of how 3D models can aid in manufacturing process design.  I will explain the overall concept of a workspace that defines and ties pieces of the manufacturing process together, such as process attributes that include routings, operations, and activities to be performed, consumption of materials mapped to activities, the 3D representative model. 

After an overview of these concepts, I plan to demonstrate the key features of the 3D module (in relation to the above points) to further aid in process design.

Line Balancing with Jaryd Rowley

Using Assembly Planner to generate the most efficient assignment of tasks to operators and stations. Create, Compare, Manage, and Publish multiple scenarios for mixed-model production. Analyze, Visualize, and Report on actual production forecast orders or conceptual model/option mix scenarios.

MES with Dan Miner

Proplanner’s MES solution addresses the major challenges of recipe management and mBOM / BOP coordination faced by manufacturers of high-mix low-volume products. Leveraging a unique and powerful process engineering system, Proplanner ensures that the correct parts, tools, and instructions are available to execute the build. Detailed as-built data capture and configurable rules engines are embedded in the system to reduce inadvertent releases and increase throughput.

Workbench Consumption with Jaryd Rowley

Jaryd will be reviewing consumption within the assembly planner, and how to maintain accuracy in part consumption throughout the life of a product. How we treat sending changes through a workbench to streamline the process of updating Work Instructions and part picking locations.

Flow Planner and How it Works with Dave Sly

We’ll be reviewing the basic capabilities of how to use Flow Planner to diagram a quantify material flows in production and warehouse facilities. We’ll also be covering tips and tricks on how to quickly import data and evaluate several common types of materials handling scenarios.

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