Assembly Planner

Proplanner helps teams that manufacture complex assembled products to create, organize, and maintain process plans

Most manufacturing engineering teams are using spreadsheets to design assembly lines. Too much effort is wasted recreating data from time studies, manually formatting work instructions, and struggling to create an efficient labor balance. Using Proplanner, synchronized and accurate data from initial concept of an assembly line to the delivery of instructions when an engineering change goes live, is possible. 

Before you try Assembly Planner, we'd like to talk with you! Please contact us to arrange a discovery session, demonstration, or trial of Assembly Planner. 


Organize Manufacturing Data

Organize Data

Single location with structured data architecture

Prevent Errors

Prevent Errors

Accurate plans are developed and all people and systems are updated



Coordinated control and communication across teams

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

More efficient manufacturing processes with fewer quality errors



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