Assembly Planner

Proplanner's process lifecycle management and MES system is available as a subscription solution deployed via Microsoft Azure or hosted on-premises

Number of Named-Users $/Month/User Total Annual Subscription
Tier 25 $200 $60,000
Tier 50 $175 $105,000
Tier 100 $150 $180,000
Tier 250 $140 $420,000
Tier 500 $125 $750,000
Tier 1000 $100 $1,200,000
Tier 1750 $85 $1,785,000
Tier 2500+ $75 $2,250,000


Pricing assumes a two-year subscription with annual contracts paid in advance. Tier size establishes the pricing level to be used per unique named-user across the enterprise.

See the Proplanner Standard Cost Structure agreement for subscription details.

All capabilities of the Assembly Planner solution are included with an active subscription 

Capabilities List

Process Definition
  • Multi-User Authoring of Configurable Routings
  • Library of Reusable Activities
  • Structured Definition of Activities, Times, Tools, and Parts
  • Automatic Mapping of Models & Options to Activities
  • Excel Data Import with Data Integrity Validations
  • Spreadsheet Interface to Copy, Paste, Filter, Sort, Hide and Rearrange columns
  • Process History Tracking
  • Custom Field Definition for Product Extensibility
  • Document Management to Replace Network Fileshares
  • Date and Serial Number Based Effectivity
  • Check In/Out on Process Records with Process Ownership and Business Rule Validation
  • Advanced Process Copy/Move and Reuse
  • Advanced Search, Sort, and Filter
BOM Management
  • mBOM-Process Routing Reconciliation with Drag & Drop Updates
  • Updated BOMs through Excel Import
  • Component and BOM Library
  • eBOM-mBOM Comparison with Color-Coded Difference Flags
  • mBOM Authoring Tools
  • BOM Configuration Tied to Models & Options and Production Orders
  • Where Used Search for Components and Process Consumption
  • BOM History
Resource (Tool) Management
  • Common Resource Library Across Plant
  • Classify and Search For Resource Properties
  • Store Documents such as Images, Specs, Purchase Orders
  • Define Resource Effectivity Dates
  • Where Used Search for Usage by Station and Activity
3D Visualization and Virtual Assembly
  • Quickly view very large 3D drawings in embedded CAD viewer (all major formats supported)
  • Automatically generate, annotate and save named views at any workstation or process step.
  • Filter and Manipulate 3D Assemblies based on effectivity, configuration, or process.
  • Explode components from assemblies, section assemblies, measure distances, change colors
  • Embed and edit images from multiple media file types in work instruction reports.
  • Query component meta-data within the 3D Model.
  • Automatically Map and Resolve part naming issues between the 3D Model and mBOM.
  • Create work instruction images which can be updated by ECO changes.
  • Define annotation call-out symbol libraries for use in SOP instruction editing.
Video and Predetermined Time Studies
  • Single Time Study Storage and Access Point
  • Link Videos to Activities in Library
  • Develop Standard Times Based on Video Segments
  • Built-in MOST, MTM, and Modapts Predetermined Time Standard Templates
  • Customize Time Standard Templates with Predefined Waste and Ergonomic Analysis
  • Detailed Value-added and Non Value-added Analysis
  • Man Machine (Gantt) Charts
  • Job Time Summary Reports
Mixed Model Line Balancing
  • Plan for Future Production Scenarios and Compare Alternatives
  • Single Line Balancing Storage and Access Point
  • Develop Scenarios with Data from Process Routings
  • Update Process Routings for Future Effective Dates
  • Drag & Drop or Automatically Rebalance Activities
  • Yamazumi Charts with Configurable Views
  • Chart Comparison of Weighted Average and Peak Model Cycle Times
  • Automatically Move Activities to Operators to Minimize Cycle Times
  • Automatically Move Activities to Minimize Number of Operators
  • Industry-leading COMSOAL Algorithms
  • Automatically Assign Floating Operators to Minimize Overall Headcount
  • Order-Based Calculation of Product Mix
  • Graphical Task Precedence Definition
  • Physical and Operational Constraint Considerations
  • Parallel Operators and Interoperator Precedence
Work Instructions
  • Automatically Compile Formatted Work Instructions
  • Use Effectivity, Model & Option, Production Order, and Operator Filters
  • Drag & Drop Parts and Tools from mBOM and Resource Library
  • Integrated Image Editor
  • Apply Custom Watermarks and Symbols
  • Choose from Proplanner's Standard Templates
PFMEA and Control Plans
  • PFMEA and Control Plans Tied to Process Routing and Activitiy Library
  • Leverage Existing Process Analysis for New Product
  • Automatically Compile Formatted Documents Based on Line Balance Scenario
  • Use Effectivity, Model & Option, and Operator Filters
  • Adhere to AIAG Standard Format
System Management
  • Define User Roles and Privileges
  • Import Production Order Files for Unit Based Planning and Reports
  • Create Custom Fields and Lists
  • Set Up Production Work Schedules
  • Manage System Preferences and Configuration
Plan For Every Part
  • Single In-Plant Logistics Data Storage and Access Point
  • mBOM-Process Routing-PFEP Reconciliation with Drag & Drop Updates
  • Plan for Future Production Scenarios with PFEP Study Tool
  • Recommend Part Plans Based on BOM and Business Rules
  • Automatically Calculate Requirements for Labor, Warehouse Space, and Tugger Routes
  • Spreadsheet Interface to Maintain Containers, Storage Locations, Delivery Devices, and Part Plans
  • Immediately Generate Kanban Cards, Pick Lists, and Rack Labels
Sequence Planner
  • Maintain Smooth Production Flow by Anticipating Orders at Stations Which Exceed Takt
  • Generate Labor Requirements, Tooling, and Part Pick Lists for Each Takt Cycle
  • Visualize Operator Over/Under Cycle for Every Order
  • Automatically and Manually Resequence Orders to Optimize Staffing Plan and Material Flow
  • Establish Better Scheduling Rules by Evaluating Alternative Scenarios
  • Generate detailed Drift Analysis diagrams in both Drift and GANTT chart formats.
  • Drift analysis can be performed for any selected orders, and breaks (downtime events) can be defined
  • Link Ergonomics Data to Process Routing and Activity
  • Perform Empowered Muri Analysis for Posture-Based Analysis of Non-Repetitive Jobs
  • Complete OCRA Checklist for Repetitive Jobs
  • Utilize Time Study to Pre-Populate Ergonomics Data
  • Plan for Future Ergonomic Load on Operators While Line Balancing
Advanced Data Maintenance
  • Build and Save Sophisticated Search Criteria to Find and Update Process Data
  • Apply Sequenced List of Update Statements with Data Validation
  • Spreadsheet-based Data Maintenance for New Model Planning
Video Manager
  • Controlled Access to Video Files
  • System Transfer of Videos to Central, Secured Location
  • Automatically Encode and Compress Videos to Standard File Format
PDM Import
  • Automatically Load eBOM and Engineering Change Details
  • Eliminate Data Discrepancies Between Product and Process Design Teams
ECO Processing
  • Notification, Visibility, and Tracking of All Upcoming Changes to the BOM
  • Apply Updates to Process Based on BOM Properties
  • Create Manufacturing Changes Orders to Update Process Routing
Work Flow
  • Controlled Progression of Assignments to Make Process Updates
  • Built-In Checklists and Validation of Changes
  • Email Notification of Change Status and Assignments
  • Electronic Work Instructions Auto-Configured for Every Unit
  • Operator Sign On/Off with Change Notification and Time Tracking
  • Capture and Validate Serialized Part Numbers and Installed Revisions
  • Create Roadblocks for Communication of Defects
  • Process Tree with all Open & Closed Issues and Pending, Incomplete & Completed Tasks
Unit Scheduler
  • Define Production Business Rules and Scheduling Constraints
  • Drag & Drop or Automatically Assign Units into Highlighted Open Slots
  • Export Refined Schedule to ERP and other Execution Systems
  • Seamless Transition from BOM to Process Design to PFEP to eKanban
  • Lean Kanban Execution System
  • Automatically Deploy Kanban Cards to Onsite and Offsite Supermarkets
  • Full Tracking and Visibility of Parts Delivery Status
  • Seamless Transition from BOM to Process Design to PFEP to eKitting
  • Automatically Generate Pick Lists Based on Unit Configuration and Effectivity
  • Improve Lineside Inventory, Space Requirements and Operator Part Presentation
  • Guide Part Picker Through Warehouse to Build Kits
  • Track and Follow Skipped Parts Through Systematic Workflow
  • Dashboard Visibility of Kit Cart and Towtrain Delivery Status
ERP Export
  • Automatically Send Configured Routings and mBOMs to ERP
  • Roll Up Accurate Operation Labor Based on Time Study Data
  • Eliminate Manual Entry of Process and Product Data into ERP

What else is included in a subscription?

  • Annual Product Updates

  • Annual Engineering Consulting/System Review

  • Single Sign On

  • System Backup, Maintenance, and Restoration Support

  • Encryption of all in-transit and at-rest data

Everyone has access to our library of tutorials, extensive help files, and live phone support.  


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