Flow Planner Pricing

Flow Planner

Available as an AutoCAD Add-on for Evaluating Material and Resource Flow 
  • Core
  • $0 USD/License
  • Unit Load Studies (Up to 50 Routes)
  • Aisle and Straight Line
  • Color-Coded Flow Lines
  • Resource Utilization
  • Systematic Layout Planning (SLP)
  • Standard
  • $6,000 USD/License | $9,000 USD/Floating License
  • Core Version Features
  • Create Process Templates For Load/Unload Times
  • Utilize MODAPTS, MTM, and MOST Codes
  • Unlimited Routes, Products, Parts, and Resources
  • Congestion Diagrams
  • Dock Storage Solver
  • Pro
  • $12,000 USD/License | $18,000 USD/Floating License
  • Standard Version Features
  • Traveling Salesman Solver for Optimized Route Planning
  • Uniform, Triangular, Scheduled or Sequenced Delivery
  • Cart Capacity Calculation from Container Size or Quantity
  • Route Return Time and Volume
  • Fixed or Dynamic Route Definition
  • Multiple Plant Staging Area Support
  • Cart Load and/or Unload Analysis
  • Automatic AutoCAD Route Flow Calculation through Aisles


Flow Planner utilizes Reprise RLM for floating concurrent license management, allowing system administrators to see utilization of licenses.

Annual maintenance is included in the listed prices for the first year of ownership. Annual maintenance for the Standard version is $1,000/license or $1,500/floating license thereafter.  Annual maintenance for the Pro version is $2,000/license or $3,000/floating license thereafter. 


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