Workplace Planner Pricing

Workplace Planner

Available as an AutoCAD Add-on for Designing Work Stations with Stationary and Moving Assembly Lines
  • Core
  • $0 USD/License
  • Automatically Create Operator Flow Paths (Up to 25 Paths)
  • Evaluate Improvements for Part Storage, Tool Storage, and Workbench Locations
  • Visualize Operator Workspace Interference
  • Compute Lean Metrics for Each Operator
  • Pro
  • $3,000 USD/License | $4,500 USD/Floating License
  • Standard Version Features
  • Supports Stationary and Moving (Scrolling) Units
  • Evaluate Up to 1000 Paths and 25 Operators Concurrently
  • Calculate Lift and Carry Based on SNOOK Method
  • Create 2D and 3D Animations of Operators


Workplace Planner utilizes Reprise RLM for floating concurrent license management, allowing system administrators to see utilization of licenses.

Annual maintenance is included in the listed prices for the first year of ownership.  Annual maintenance for the Pro version is $500/license or $750/floating license thereafter. 


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