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What We Do

Our in-house engineering and development service and support teams can help you and your users solve your most challenging data, documentation, and manufacturing planning problems. We are focused on rapidly deploying solutions to our users and ensuring that feedback is incorporated early and often in product releases.

Engineering Service Capabilities

PLM Consulting

Most organizations recognize that their existing systems for manufacturing and industrial engineers are insufficient. We can help your engineering, IT, and operations teams collaborate through a process of discovering true gaps; describing goals for a higher functioning organization; and creating a detailed plan for how to structure the team, systems, and data to move the organization forward.

System Configuration

Assembly Planner has been designed for companies manufacturing a large variety of products with associated differences in product data structures and legacy IT systems. We can help you to determine the best way to transition existing data into the system and the appropriate system settings to optimize performance.

Installation and Implementation

We collaborate with your manufacturing engineering and IT teams to ensure that all system requirements are met, user permissions are correctly defined, and the system has been tested before installation begins. After that, you can choose to have our team perform the installation remotely or simply provide assistance if questions arise. 

User Training

Our engineers can not only teach you how to navigate the software efficiently, but also determine the best way to structure your data to maximize the benefits you get from using the software. Onsite or through the web, for groups large or small, we can work with you to determine the best training approach for your team. Our hands-on training will save you time and rework, so you can create actual results faster.

Development Service Capabilities

PDM Interfaces

System interfaces are critical communication tools in any organization. Our PDM interfaces can automatically import new eBOMs and engineering change details into Assembly Planner on a regular schedule. Assembly Planner can then signal the change to users and reconcile the change against existing mBOM and process routings. That means more accurate updates can be made to the mBOM and process routings without spending valuable time digging for details. 

ERP Interfaces

Why make the same change more than once? Do you have to update your work instructions and line balancing documents with process changes, then manually key in the same changes into ERP? With our custom interfaces, you can make a change that simultaneously could impact your mBOM, process routing, work instructions, line balancing, and other documents in Assembly Planner, and the changes will automatically be configured and sent to ERP. 

Data Migration

We perform custom one-time data loads to populate your Assembly Planner database and leverage your existing standard data files or databases.  We will review the format of your existing data and determine the most appropriate way to transition it into the system. 

Custom Development

We design and integrate custom reports, custom logic and data manipulation, and other features into Assembly Planner to satisfy your corporate requirements and operational & engineering needs.

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