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Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Unit-based Sequencing and daily/weekly Scheduling modules are optimized for the unique demands of complex mixed model production involving synchronized assembly lines.

Stations and TAKT Time from door line, cab line, trim line, chassis line, and final line.

Advanced Scheduler

Quickly and accurately slot orders and visually evaluate scheduling conflicts through user-defined constraints to ultimately reduce operational costs/unit and increase revenue.

Advanced Sequencer

Use a simple dashboard to view and edit the daily sequence of vehicles across multiple areas and lines to increase production throughput.

Is your scheduling and sequencing data easy to incorporate into your line and labor balancing scenarios as well as your logistics and assembly line work instruction system?
Proplanner scheduling and sequencing tools have full access to process and logistics data in the Assembly Planner database.

Is it easy to apply and visualize hard and soft rules within your scheduling system?
The drag and drop user interface makes it easy to define constraints of varying severity and highlights issues found in different production sequences.

Are you able to reference detailed process information and part availability when sequencing units throughout the day?
The sequencing and scheduling tools understand and incorporate process cycle time, available inventory, and work schedules into the analysis.

Proplanner merges the assembly process and logistics plans to provide scheduling and sequencing modules with better information to establish a high performing production schedule

  • Scheduler supports integration with ERP for receiving unslotted orders and sending scheduled & sequenced orders.

  • Integrates production scheduling with manufacturing engineering data.

  • Drag and drop spreadsheet and graphical interfaces.

  • Relevant and flexible constraints for assembly line scheduling.

  • Low cost when compared with ERP and domain-specific scheduling tools.

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