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Assembly Process Planning

Assembly Process Planning


Integrated modules for Time Estimation, Line Balancing, Ergonomics, and Work Instructions designed specifically for assembled products guarantees the quickest results with the least amount of customization and training.


Have you struggled to create accurate mixed-model line balance in Excel that demonstrate and help you evaluate the impact of all models and options, instead of just the top 2 or 3?
Proplanner provides teams with advanced analysis and balance capabilities, leading to results such as a 34% improvement in utilization.

Do you spend hours collecting data and creating status reports for management that you know someone else has already created before?
Proplanner makes it easy to share data and have one common definition of the assembly process, so you can gather and present the information you need within minutes.

Do you get frustrated having to update separate time study, line balancing, work instructions, and other process-related documents or systems because of a single product design change?
Instead of 4 people updating 4 documents or more, 1 person can make 1 change to update all documents at once.


Process Routings

A centralized master location for editing and maintaining all process planning data

3D Virtual Assembly

Improve process planning with 3D visualization and manipulation

Time Studies

A centralized location for all time study data with a tight link to the process routing, work instructions, and line balance

Line Balancing

Visualize and quantify task requirements for all models and options to achieve a better balance of work across all operators

Work Instructions

Auto-generate standardized, up-to-date visual work instructions for every model and option configuration in seconds


Analyze the impact on health and human factors of job assignments

PFMEA and Control Plans

Maintain accurate documentation to predict and prevent quality issues

Workplace Planner

Visualize and analyze walk-path diagrams directly within AutoCAD to determine operator walk times, value-added work, travel distances, ergonomic impact, and more


Have you spent too many hours, even days, inputting part routing information into your ERP system?
You can maintain a single routing per assembly line and let Proplanner send ERP the data it needs in the format it needs for every unit you make. For one manufacturer, this meant $2 million in savings and 4 weeks of extra production during one model launch.

Do you fail audits because what is happening on your line is not synchronized with your work instruction, PFMEA, and Control Plan documents?
PFMEAs, Control Plans, and Work Instructions are all tied to the line balance, allowing for a single process database to update all documentation.

Do you struggle to make sure operators have the correct parts and tools after a re-balance?
A list of tasks, tools, and parts that must move can be automatically generated to help physically transform the line in preparation for a rate change.


Engineers working in their own spreadsheets create losses throughout the organization, including wasted engineering effort and sub-optimal process plans.  Multiple definitions of the process need to be manually reconciled at a later date.  Proplanner solves this issue by:

  • Centralized location for all process planning data

  • Library of activities which can be reused throughout the plant

  • Videos linked to activities to establish process times, ergonomics, waste analysis, and line balancing improvements

  • Single master routing which can be maintained for the entire assembly line

  • List of tasks, tools, and parts that must move due to a line re-balance

  • eBOMs are imported automatically and can identify impacted processes

  • Line balance is updated automatically when new time standards are generated

  • PFMEA and Control Plans are tied to the same processes defined in the work instructions and line balance

  • Routing updates are configured and sent to ERP automatically



Proplanner provides a single system for engineers to create a plan for manufacturing. We suggest you review these solutions next:


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