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3D Virtual Assembly

3D Virtual Assembly

Improve process planning with 3D visualization and manipulation

View CAD Drawings

Proplanner accesses JT files and associated part and BOM data and displays the drawings in an embedded 3D Viewer. Users can view the drawings while working on the mBOM, comparing the eBOM to the mBOM, mapping parts to tasks, defining task sequence, creating line balances, and generating work instruction documents. 

Filter and Manipulate Assemblies

The drawings can be automatically filtered based on:

  • Part effective dates from the mBOM, to view the assembly with only parts effective as of a selected date.
  • Model/option configuration rules, to compare the assembly of one product configuration to another.
  • Parts that have already been consumed or mapped to a task.

Parts can be selected and deselected in any view to evaluate what-if scenarios. 

Visualize Assembly Sequence

As the task sequence is defined, the assembly can be visualized to ensure that the process and sequence being defined is feasible. Errors in task or tooling assignments can be prevented by seeing the parts come together one-by-one in the authoring environment rather than on the shop floor. 

3D Visualization in the Task Precedence Graph

3D Visualization in the Yamazumi Chart

Embed in Work Instructions

With each task and new part, the assembly changes, and the 3D Viewer reflects that. Users can rotate and annotate the 3D assembly before capturing a snapshot to include on visual work instructions.  

Why is 3D visualization important to integrate into process planning?
Many manufacturing engineers have already discovered the benefit of having access to view 3D drawings of the product you're responsible for creating assembly processes. But you go through a lot of hassle to find, get access to, load, and use those drawings when they're stored in other systems.

By making them available directly in the same system in which you design and maintain all of the details of the assembly process, you not only save time viewing but also gain an array of new capabilities. You can filter automatically in a number of ways and step through the assembly task-by-task, which cannot be done in a streamlined way when the process and product data is disconnected in different systems.

Proplanner streamlines the exchange between the Product and Manufacturing Engineering teams:

  • JT files are used to view CAD drawings within Assembly Planner
  • Drawings are synced based on Engineering Changes
  • Users are free to filter by part, BOM, or process configuration data or by individual selection
  • Drawings can easily be used for dynamic planning as well as documentation purposes

Proplanner provides a single system for engineers to create a plan for manufacturing. We suggest you review these solutions next:


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