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Leverage time standard, work instruction, and line balance data in ergonomic assessments to reduce efforts identifying and improving high risk assignments

Standard Assessment Approach

  • Use a single standard to evaluate all manual assembly processes.

  • Multiple standards available including Empowered (posture based) MURI, OCRA, REBA, and EAWS.

  • Customize motion assessment categories and weighted factors.

Single Authoring Environment

  • Multiple departments can edit process related data, including time, ergonomic, and other assessments, in the same system. Ownership and editing permissions can be controlled.

  • Ergonomic data is rolled up for each operator, so that ergonomic considerations can be made for line balancing decisions.

  • Leverage a single definition of the process to reduce duplication of effort by different individuals and teams. 

  • Reduce errors and oversight by conducting all analysis and generating all reports from a single data set.

Link to Time Studies and Line Balancing

  • Save time and improve accuracy by automatically generating ergonomic assessments based on time and motion codes (MOST and MTM).

  • Use the same video that was used for the time study to perform analysis.

  • Visualize ergonomic load on each operator for a proposed line re-balance. 

Why use Proplanner when you already use a risk factor checklist or specialized ergonomic tools?

  • Proplanner can be complementary and used as a next step after a job has been identified as a concern. 

  • Ensure consistency between the standard process defined by assembly engineering and the process being studied by the ergonomic engineer. 

  • Provides data for predicting ergonomic impact for future state line balancing.

  • Ergonomic data can be rolled up in reports that include other process data.

Proplanner's ergonomics framework allows for a thorough evaluation and analysis of each process while connecting the assembly and healthy & safety teams through a common definition of the process:

  • Ergonomics assessments are performed at the activity level, where activities can be reused and can be moved in line balancing. 

  • The activity assessment data can be rolled up and analyzed at the operator, station, or line level. 

  • Weighting factors and categories used for ergonomics scores can be adjusted by the user. 

  • Ergonomics assessments are directly linked to time studies and can be connected to task videos.  

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