EAWS - European Assembly Worksheet or EAWS is a tool used to identify ergonomic risk factors. This standard is often used in Germany and is closely supported by some of the MTM standards.

Proplanner has implemented this assessment as tables within the Element editor for Activities.  This implementation is very similar to how the fields appear and are edited with MURI. Users can provide this attribute data for elements and then extract this information (for an Activity or an Operation) to an Excel template file for subsequent user-defined calculation and reporting.

If interest in the EAWS standard grows and the standard's calculation rules and report formatting stabilize, Proplanner will be supporting internal calculation and reporting as well.

Body Posture EAWS Table. Provides trunk rotation, lateral bend, and extension along with force of hands and fingers and static or dynamic actions.EAWS Table, includes transport load, posture. Hand and arm movements for the left and right sides of the body.

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