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Machining Process Planning

Machining Process Planning

A proven method for accurately deploying new products and changes to machining departments in hours instead of days.



Maximize productivity and quality with business rule-based processes.

Manufacturing Changes

Process engineering and manufacturing changes across individual parts or entire product lines.

mBOM authoring

Create manufacturing product structure and alternate structure based on availability or volume.

Work Instructions

Provide additional interactive documentation to your machining process with text documents, images, and video files.

ERP Integration

2-way item, BOM, and specification information flow minimizes confusion and lead times.


Is it taking too much time to change thousands of routings?
With Proplanner you can create and edit routings individually or en masse.

Is it difficult to determine an optimal, consistent machining path through the plant?
Proplanner recommends part routings based on history, item details, eBOM, mBOM, and other specifications.

Are you able to track and maintain productivity within the manufacturing department?
The manufacturing department workflow can be optimized for parallel and sequence step routing development.

Are out-dated routings that do not follow current business rules going out to the shop floor?
Poka-yoke routing creation with customized business validation rules.

What happens if the wrong material is received or you have an influx in volume?
Alternate routings can be found based on material substitution or volume.


Proplanner's Machining Process routing system provides engineering teams with a modern and collaborative environment for creating complex routings with thousands of steps:

  • Multiple engineers collaborate to create routings in parallel.

  • Consolidate and simplify process creation from dozens of screens and mouse clicks to 10 or less.

  • Easily copy historical processes and modify to make new ones without starting from scratch.

  • Mass update data to rapidly deploy changes across large quantities of processes and routings.

  • Two-way interfaces with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, and JDE streamline data updates. 

  • Shop floor interfaces for work instructions and time collection improve communication and data accuracy. 


Proplanner provides a single system for engineers to create a plan for manufacturing. We suggest you review these solutions next:


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