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PFMEA and Control Plan

PFMEA & Control Plan

Improve audit performance by achieving 100% matching data across FMEA, Control Plan, standard work, and other documents.  Our powerful and configurable module supports the AIAG 4th Edition (old standard) as well as the AIAG & VDA Edition (new standard) at the same time.  In addition, users can create their own version of Quality documents such as Risk Assessment and Risk Prediction.



Synchronized Documents

Improve operations on the shop floor with a more consistent process and quality documentation. Reduce audit failures and improve engineering efficiency by synchronizing common data across multiple documents without engineers editing each one. 

Standard Formats and Reusable Libraries

Use the AIAG standard table structure (4th Edition or AIAG/VDA), fields, and list values. Cross-reference Control Plan and FMEA data for a specific process or across the entire database. 

Single Authoring Environment 

Use one tool to maintain quality and process data. Control the ownership and editing permissions for each type of document. 

Why not continue using Excel or a specialized FMEA & Control Plan authoring software tool?

  • Excel files are uncontrolled and duplicate copies often exist. It can be difficult to know where to find the very latest version. A change may have to be made in multiple tabs or multiple documents to ensure that all related processes are updated correctly. 

  • It's difficult to perform mass data updates when multiple documents must be maintained for the same process. 

  • Data is often inaccessible, as it becomes difficult to search across stations or lines or across department ownership. 

  • The documents are disconnected from the rest of the planning systems and procedures. They have no connection to line balancing data, which can change quickly and frequently. 

  • Using a standalone tool for FMEA & Control Plans means yet another piece of software to maintain and support that only serves one purpose. 

Proplanner provides a single integrated authoring tool for standardized PFMEAs, Control Plans, Work Instructions, and other assembly process documents:

  • Instantly lookup and reference previous values added by any user. The lookup feature is context-sensitive to each particular field.

  • Link PFMEA issues and process tooling to Control Plans.

  • Link work instruction process data to PFMEAs and Control Plans.

  • AIAG standards are built-in. The Severity, Occurrence, and Detection values can be changed to match company standards.

  • Document the PFMEA and Control Plan against an item, station, or task.

  • Interactively select from a spreadsheet or indented tree interface when viewing and editing the PFMEA.

  • Sort and filter by RPN, Detection, Occurrence, Severity, and other values in reports. 

  • Generate a new PFMEA or Control Plan document by station or by operator when tasks are moved in a re-balance. 

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