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Work Instructions

Work Instructions

Auto-generate standardized, up-to-date visual work instructions for every model and option configuration in seconds.

Shop Floor Viewer Software Showing Work Instructions with Visuals to show what should be done next.

One Process Definition, Multiple Ways to Filter

Process routing data used by the ERP as well as other planning functions within Assembly Planner is leveraged to generate work instruction documents.

Whether you produce a handful of product variations or tens of thousands, a single routing with a combination of a common and product-specific set of tasks can be filtered by product model, a product option, by specific unit, by date effectivity, by a station, and/or by an operator.

Data Filtering

While authoring the process routing, parts from the mBOM can be directly linked to tasks. This means that part numbers can easily and accurately be reflected in work instruction documents. 

If tasks are moved in the line balance, work instructions can be re-generated immediately to reflect the new assignment for each operator.

Customized Templates

Whether you have a corporate standard to follow, want a specific layout, or want to modify one of Proplanner's standard templates, Proplanner can customize to ensure that your work instruction documents have the data and the layout you need. A collection of samples is shown below.

Collection of Customized work instructions based on corporate standards.

Data and Document Integration

When engineering changes are processed, part data is either automatically or easily updated in the process database.

When tasks are moved in a balance with Assembly Planner's Line Balance module, all associated data moves with it, including required parts and tools, models and options, standard time, value add analysis, images, and other task details. Work instructions can then immediately be generated to include all of these details, reflecting the new job assignments for each operator. 

Embed 3D Visuals

3D View Embedded in Work InstructionsSOP Editor Image and Snapshot Gallery closer look.

With each task and new part, the assembly changes, and the 3D Viewer reflects that. Users can rotate and annotate the 3D assembly before capturing a snapshot to include visual work instructions. Snapshots are automatically saved and associated with the Activities or Worksteps which were active when they were created.

Users can additionally create Named Views saved in the Process which stores the references to the CAD Model components along with their visibility, color, and translation (explosions) such that the same view can be quickly regenerated for future updates even if the CAD Model was replaced with a new version.


Do you wish there was an easier way to update work instructions than making the same change in multiple documents and manually reformatting each one in order to maintain standards?
Proplanner uses pre-formatted and logic-based templates to automatically populate and configure the work instruction document based on the defined process plan; no formatting or multiple changes necessary. 

Assembly Planner makes standardization and information accuracy easy:

  • Work steps, images, personal protective equipment, key points, tools required, parts required and other information necessary for the operator to know about a task are maintained in a controlled process database.

  • Customized templates eliminate formatting required by the work instruction author.

  • A built-in image editor allows captions and call outs to be added to images at any time. 

  • The multi-user environment makes it easy for the process work instruction data to access and to edit by all. 

  • Instructions can be printed or saved as PDFs or other electronic documents. These can be used on their own or as backups to the Shop Floor Viewer's interactive instructions and sign off system. 

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