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Material & Logistics Planning

Material & Logistics Planning

Low Cost, Easy to Use and Quick Deploy eKanban and eKitting solutions designed specifically for Assembly plants.  Part Requirements and Pick Lists are automatically updated when ECO’s are applied to Assembly Planner.  Synchronized Work Instructions and Kanban/Kit Lists reduce shop floor errors.


Plan For Every Plan (PFEP)

Collaborative application used to document the storage and delivery plan for every part, with the ability to support execution and analysis


Create, track, and manage kanban containers with internal and external suppliers 


Generate pick lists and track and manage kit carts and sequenced items for specific units and batches on the line

Flow Planner

Visually analyze material flow, evaluate plant layouts, and minimize material handling labor for a better layout, faster

Do you spend hours updating control cycles, maintaining kitting plans, and creating kanban cards?
Proplanner provides a spreadsheet based user interface for creating PFEP data, which can be directly transformed into physical kanban cards and electronic part picking signals.

Do you have real time tracking of your supply chain? Are you immediately aware of part shortages and skipped kitted parts?
Dashboards and reports for supermarket operators, supervisors, and managers enable better decision-making and awareness of issues.

How do you know your floor space, racking and material handling personnel requirements for changing product and demand levels?
Rapidly generate and compare scenarios based on changing inputs and assumptions.

How are changes to part delivery locations communicated across departments?
Proplanner synchronizes process plans, work instructions, line balances, and part plans. 

Are you able to visualize and quantify your material flow?
Flow Planner allows you to create spaghetti diagrams and evaluate trip and route based delivery options to accurately quantify material handling requirements.

Proplanner merges the assembly process plan with logistics definition and execution to enhance the capabilities of the material planning and logistics organization.

  • Spreadsheet interface and mass label and kanban card printing reduce time to set up and deploy

  • Visibility of delivery system health and performance through live dashboards

  • Auto-generated and electronically delivered part pick lists 

  • Reusable and electronically validated part plan data

  • Lower cost and improved capabilities compared to ERP

  • Visualization of part flows and material handling resource utilization throughout the plant

Proplanner provides a single system for engineers to create a plan for manufacturing. We suggest you review these solutions next:


PFEP updated driven by BOM/Engineering Change


Work instructions synchronized with kit carts


Activity part consumption signals parts requirements at a station


Kitting pick list sequence automatically updated after units are re-sequenced

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