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Create, track, and manage kanban containers with internal and external suppliers.

eKanban explained: PFEP center Find & Return Empty Containers then Scan Empty Containers and direct towards PFEP. Remove labels, PFEP automatically prints labels. Replenish Containers & Apply New Labels then scan for replenishment. Deliver Lineside then scan for delivery.

Part Delivery Tracking

Track the pull of empty containers and the replenishment of full containers within a manual Kanban system. 

Automatically print new labels for each container replenishment or request containers from supermarkets located at supplier sites anywhere in the world.

Live Dashboards and Reporting

See the min, max, and average part replenishment time, as well as the number of times each container has cycled during the past shift, day, week, etc. 

Get alerts when containers are behind schedule. 

Kanban card status

Kanban Part Turn Times

Direct Connection to PFEP

Automatically create kanban cards and rack labels from PFEP data. Remotely update kanban card details and ensure new cards are printed without going to the floor.

Do paper kanban cards frequently get lost in your facility?
Proplanner's system blends the best elements of electronic kanban tracking with manual kanban processes. 

Are your operators making urgent verbal requests for part deliveries from material handlers and supervisors?
Electronically request new containers to be delivered, monitor delivery status through web-based dashboards, and highlight potential issues before they cause line downtime. 

Is your ERP system struggling to execute a pull-based Kanban cycle?
Proplanner's Assembly Planner environment was designed from the ground up with industrial engineering principles in mind. eKanban functionality immediately issues requests and status updates to the supermarket, logistics team, and production teams without reliance on MRP demand data. 

Do you struggle to react to delays or disruptions when new containers are requested?
Robust communication between part pickers, logistics supervisors, and production planners allows for the prevention of line downtime. It also highlights abnormal conditions such as delays in response times and out-of-stock situations.  

Do you have data that helps you make informed decisions about how to improve your delivery process?
Proplanner can identify containers that are turning too slowly or too quickly, allowing for parts per container, line side inventory, and material handling costs to be optimized. Using Flow Planner with eKanban data, you can visualize actual part delivery sequences to adjust delivery routes and logistics operator zone assignments.

How long does it take to update kanban cards when you re-balance a line or when ECOs are released?
Updating PFEP simultaneously updates your kanban cards. Deploy new information for immediate execution on the floor or to prepare for upcoming changes. 

  • Single-use kanban cards eliminate issues due to loss or damages. 

  • Simplify ECO deployment and new program launch by remotely staging the release of new kanban cards.

  • Generate graphical labels for slots at point of use and storage racks. 

  • Reduce line side inventory by electronically triggering the printing of a new kanban request without first returning the physical kanban card to the supermarket.

  • Quickly identify every point of use that is consuming parts faster than expected through a Container Turn Times dashboard. 

  • Immediate feedback to determine how long it takes to respond to kanban requests through a Kanban Stage Times dashboard.

  • Live updates of all cards in the system, highlighting cards that have been scanned as "holds" in the supermarkets to signal an out-of-stock situation. 

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