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Assembly Planner


3D Virtual Build


Line Balancing


Time Studies

Overview   (2:44)

Overview with Customer Perspectives   (3:57)

Performing an Observed Time Study   (4:58)

Performing a Calculated Time Study   (5:27) 

Man Machine Charts   (7:05)  

MUDA Analysis Overview Webinar (29:41) 



Creating a New Study   (1:57)

Defining Tasks   (1:56)

Copying and Pasting Data   (1:08)

Generating and Analyzing Reports   (6:28)

Using the Report Control Features   (2:00)

Using the Help Manual   (1:50)   

Setting your Preferences   (5:04)


Observed Study Tutorials

Defining Tasks Using a Video   (1:56)

Loading and Playing a Video   (1:33)

Recording Video-based Observations   (1:13)

Ignoring Time in a Video   (0:59)

Studying Multiple Operators   (1:34)

Recording Stopwatch Observations   (1:49)

Adjusting Start and End Times   (1:20)

Reassigning Observations   (0:40)

Assigning Performance Ratings   (0:46)

Setting Task Allowances   (1:43)

Editing Value Added Times   (2:55)

Editing the Value Added Template   (1:28)

Comparing Two Observations   (0:52)

Determining Required Observations   (1:22)

Viewing the Observed Time Report   (1:50)


Calculated Study Tutorials

Creating and Editing a Calculated Study   (1:15)

Specifying Element Frequency   (0:43)

Specifying Process Type   (1:59)

Using the Value Added Format   (1:46)

Using the MODAPTS Library   (4:57)

Using the BMOST Library - Part 1   (3:57)

Using the BMOST Library - Part 2   (3:30)   

Using the MTM-1 Library   (4:35)

Using the MTM-UAS Library   (2:19)

Using the MTM-B Library   (2:03)

Setting Tasks Allowances   (1:03) 

Editing Calculated Time Templates   (1:41)  

Viewing a Calculated Time Report   (1:05)


Shop Floor Viewer MES


Factboard Andon


Plan For Every Part


Flow Planner


Workplace Planner


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