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Assembly Planner Overview


Proplanner's Assembly Planner is designed for companies producing complex assemblies that are often customized. Assembly Planner encompasses a robust database, where you can store and manage your bill of materials and process data in a central secure location. using that data, Assembly Planner helps you perform time studies, balance your assembly lines, auto-generate work instructions, manage your internal logistics information, and more.


Assembly Planner can communicate with your ERP system to capture your bills of materials and your customer order data. The engineering change management system within Assembly Planner creates automatic alerts to changes in your Bill of Materials, so the engineers can quickly make the appropriate changes in this system.


You can define and manage your process data in a three-tiered structure that includes routings, operations, and activities. You can associate time studies work steps, resource requirements, part consumption, external documents, and more to each of your processes.


With both standard and custom fields throughout the application, you control the amount and type of information that is stored. Observed, estimated, and calculated time studies can be performed and managed for each task with an easy-to-use interface.


Create multiple line balancing scenarios to find the best fit for your facility. For each balance, you can visualize the work content at each station and see the variation in cycle times for the different product models in the mix.


Sequence planner can be used to evaluate the workload by an operator for a particular mixed model line balance. There's a timeline of the orders coming down the line so you can anticipate whether workers will be able to keep up with the TACT time given the varying levels of time necessary to produce each model.


sequence planner lets you rearrange your orders to eliminate consecutive units with high or low cycle times. You can quickly generate detailed customized work instructions that are automatically populated with the information stored in your process database. you can also create order specific interactive instructions to publish electronically to your shop floor.


You can manage all of your company's material handling information with Proplanner's Plan For Every Part module. PFEP is used to define where parts are receive stored and delivered in the plant as well as how the material is moved. Transform your material handling using eKanban and eKitting made possible by PFEP.


Assembly Planner provides a central location for all of your manufacturing process data as well as tools to improve the efficiency of your operations.


Please view our other web videos to learn more about the powerful tools within Assembly Planner.

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