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Copying & Moving Activities


Video Transcript:

When you want to move or copy activities in Assembly Planner there are several settings that you can make to have the system do exactly what you want it to do.


You can choose whether you want to first of all move or copy the activity selected. Then you can go to advanced settings, and if you have created a new selected here it means it's going to create new IDs for each activity that you've selected. If you choose add as reference it is going to copy those activities using the same ID that already exists.


What this means is that if you have multiple instances of that activity ID in the same operation, different operations, different routings, if you make a change to one instance it's going to update that activity everywhere it appears with that same ID.


can also set the acts sequence number so if you want it set it to 999 or some other number so that you can easily find it in the operation that you're moving it to you can do that. If you want to use keep the same act sequence that it this activity has in the operation where it currently exists you can choose that setting and then you can say what you want the system to show you after you've performed the copy or move.


So if you want to take it automatically take you to the new operation that you copy these activities so you can check this box. If you automatically want something the operation or those activities checked out then you can have it do that and save you a couple of steps there.


Once you make sure your settings are the way you want then you can go and choose your routing choose your operation and click ok.


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