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Customize View in Grid Controls


Video Transcript: 


Within Assembly Planner users have the ability to customize the views of the spreadsheet controls. They can do things like control which columns are visible, the order of the columns, and the width of each column. I can access the customize view control through the right-click menu and then I select customize view.

When I open this I can see that I have the current view selected. if I select this drop-down I can see all of the saved views for my username. When I select one of the views I have the ability to then see which fields are hidden and which fields are visible by selecting in different fields within the list using either control or shift from multi-select. I can then select add or remove within the visible fields I can also adjust the order with which they will be displayed. 

Let's say, for example, I want to move a field that's listed all the way at the bottom and I want to move that to the top. I can select all of the fields above where I want to move in and then move the others down and then it will then move my field.

If I want to adjust the column width I can actually select multiple columns at once and then I can set the width if I press OK you'll see my screen updates in the background and my new view is active.

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