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Edit Custom Fields and Link to Lists


Video Transcript:


Administrators within Assembly Planner have the ability to add custom fields to the application. This allows the engineers to add data for the appropriate entities which are not currently captured by the standard fields within Assembly Planner. Essentially makes the application extensible.

so what I do is I go to the admin tools and then I select custom field manager. Then what I'll do is I'll select the entity that I would like to associate the custom field to. Here I have work step selected. When I selected I can see the existing custom fields and their associated properties.

If I want to I can select one of those fields and then click Edit and I can edit certain properties. I can also remove custom fields although if you do that you lose the data. More commonly you're going to add a new custom field and so I can select add and then I'll set the field name. Call it custom field one, and then I can make the display name whatever I would like and I do not have to watch special characters for the display name.

We'll then select the data type. I might need to set the maximum number of characters. I can also set the default value and then I can associate this custom field with the pre-populated drop-down list that administrators can also control.  Finally, I can set whether or not this field is read-only or not and I can set if the field is visible or not.

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