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Flow Planner Overview

Video Transcript:


with Proplanner's Flow Planner application you can ensure that future facility layout changes are actual improvements that will result in real material handling savings.


Working within AutoCAD, Flow Planner automatically generates material flow diagrams and calculates travel distances, times, and costs. Where variable with flow lines and color coding users quickly see how layout should be arranged and where excessiveness material handling can be eliminated from the manufacturing process.


You can use existing plant layout drawings and defined flow pads for every part and product moving through your system. Flow Planner can store an unlimited number of flow routings and material handling methods so you can analyze your entire system at once or filter your data to analyze only a certain set of products, parts, or plant areas at one time.


Whether you want to analyze your fork truck or toe tree and tugger operations or perform a relationship planning study Flow Planner can help. The remainder of this video will focus on unit load or fork truck studies. You can generate a straight flow diagram to view the origin and destination of flows regardless of obstacles you see this here.


You can also define aisle paths in your facility and generate an aisle path flow diagram to assess and calculate actual travel distances paths and aisle congestion. By following defined aisles, you can see how parts will physically move from location to location in your system.


Every time you generate flow paths Flow Planner will output distance time and cost calculations for that particular set of movements. Not only can you assess your current situation but can assess proposed changes before implementation simply by moving locations within your drawing and having Flow Planner recalculate the distances and costs.


With Flow Planner you can perform material handling studies in a fraction of the time it takes to do by hand. you can then use detailed reports that are easy to understand and to present. Flow Planner can help verify layout designs before implementation, reduce planning time, and reduce part throughput and then inventory levels to decrease costs and increase productivity.


The ultimate result is a better factory layout faster.

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