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How to Change Chart Views


Video Transcript:


There are a lot of ways that you can manipulate the line balancing chart to see the data in different ways, some of these only pertain to mix model scenarios, if you have a single model some of these won't be relevant. When you create a mixed model scenario by default, the only bar in the chart that will be shown is the weighted average bar. 


If you want to see the individual model bars as well, you can click on this filter button and you can choose which models and whether you want to show the average bar. Now we see the distinct work content of each model in each station as well as the weighted average. You can adjust the chart type, so by default, you're going to see the average work time.


You can also choose the average utilization and this will be based on these percentages. You can choose the worst case work time and this will add up all of the option content for each model to present a worse case work time. Can also switch that to utilization. Then you have the average VA. Right now I haven't done the value-added, non-value-added, semi-value-added breakdown but if I had and I would see it green, yellow, and red. You can also define this by time.


We switch back to the average work type chart. If you only want to see a few stations at a time, you can click on the enable paging and then you can set how many stations you want to see at a time. You can use these arrows to scroll through each of the stations. If you have multiple operators in any of your stations then there are additional settings you can change.


The first one is this view at the talk right now I'm looking at the station view. What that means is in the spreadsheet I see the list of activities that are assigned to this station as a whole and I can see that have the first set of activities is assigned to operator 1 and then I have other activities that are assigned to operator 2.


If I change my setting at the top to the view as an operator I see the spreadsheet for one Operator at a time. So now I'm looking at the frame station and then if I double click on the frame 2 operator then I will see the list of tasks just for frame 2. I can see what is selected by looking at this drop-down.


So if you double click on the chart for a station, then that will change the spreadsheet. You can also select the station or the operator from the drop-down and that will do the same thing. If I switch back to this station, I can switch between the station view and the station operator view. The station operator view is going to show me the chart based on the work content for each individual operator.


So you can say here that I have two sets of bars for the frame station. One for operator one, one for operator two. If I switch to the station view which is where I started then I see the added up content for the frame station with all operators included.

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