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How to Create a New Study


Video Transcript:


To begin a ProTime study start by opening the application. We'll just wait a couple of seconds here for it to load, I'm gonna maximize this here...


To begin we can either start by opening a new scenario or uploading a pre-existing scenario. In this demo, we'll open a new scenario. You can enter the ID of the study, this will be the same as the name by which the study is saved. We can set the default time units, I set it to seconds and these would be the time units for every task and observation within our study. We can give the study a description and include any remarks about the study.


Now that we have generated our study, we can see that all the information has gone into the study details tab. It's important to note that once the ID is set, it cannot be changed but the description and there are marks can be edited. You will also notice that the study details tab includes the date that the study was created, who it was created by, the date it was modified, and who it was modified by. We can go ahead and save the study and you'll see that the name by which the study is saved is the same name that is an ID tab in the study details and we are now ready to begin our ProTime Estimation time study.

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