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How to Create Activity Groups


Video Transcript:


When multiple tasks need to be performed together by the same operator or at the same station, they are considered to be a task group. Test groups can be created or edited in the operation editor, activity editor, and the Line Balancing module. First I will show you the operation editor.


To change the test grouping in the operation editor go to the activity list, find the group ID column, and enter the group ID that you want to associate the activity group with. Now to go to the activity editor and I'll change the group ID there you simply double-click on the activity and go to the group ID and enter the ID that unassociated with.


To edit the task groupings in the line balancing module, go to edit, task grouping, maximize, and here you can see all of the groups that are already in place as well as all of the tasks that are not assigned to any groups. If you right-click on the row header of the ungrouped task, you can add it to a group. You can either add it to an existing group from the strap-down menu or you can create a new group starting with this task. Here you can check a box to assign it to a single operator which will change the group from a station group to an operator group.


If you have an activity that is already assigned to a group you can right-click on that and either remove it from that group or you can change the group assignment. Again, you can add it to an existing group or a new group. I'm going to change the group assignment to the group I just made. Click OK and now the group is updated with the new task.


If you go to the group and click on the row header, you can right-click and delete the group or edit the group. In the Edit group, you can change the group's name, or change it from between operator and station test group.

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