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How to Define Tasks


Video Transcript:


Now that we have created our study, we can go into the task tab and find the task for which we wish to record observations if I know the tests that occur in the operation I can enter their descriptions here. As I enter the tasks, ProTime Estimation will generate an ID for these tasks. I can also go back and change that ID, something that I remember.


Each task can be defined as manual, machine, or miscellaneous and we can record a video and capture an image for that task. Once we have defined tasks they will then be populated within the observed time tab, the calculated time tab, and the estimated time tab. This removes the need for excess copying and pasting. However, if you already have tasks defined in an Excel spreadsheet, you can paste them into the ProTime Estimation time study or you can cut tasks from ProTime Estimation and paste them within Excel.


If you do not know the tasks of the observation on which you wish to perform a time study, you can go into the observed time tab and watch a video of that operation as it occurs and record the tasks similar to the process which we followed here.

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