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How to Edit Work Zones


Video Transcript:


Work zones is an area where work can be performed. If an activity needs to be performed in a certain work zone the activity must be mapped to that work zone. By mapping an activity to a work zone, you ensure that the activity can only be performed in a workstation that has that work zone.


To edit the work zone within the operation, the editor uses the work zone column. If multiple work zones are needed for an activity, use the plus sign to separate the work zones. If an activity can be performed in one of two or more work zones, separate the work zones using a comma. You can also edit the work zones within the activity editor.


So we will go into the activity, and you can see with it within the properties tab there are work zones here. We can edit them from this position as well. Within the work zone on to a workstation go to the plant editor.


Here, you can see I have already added some work zones. If a station contains multiple work zones, separate these work zones with a comma. To incorporate the work zones within the line balance, go to the line balancing, start a new scenario, and when you start the new scenario make sure you select multi-sided.


In this scenario, I already have work zones assigned. The work zones for each activity show up in the works zone column. within the station's detail sheet or the stations, they appear under the station name within the chart. You can also assign each operator to a work zone. To do that go to edit, operate details,  here you can enter work zones into the operator work zones column.

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