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How to Set Order Details


Video Transcript:


If you chose to create a mixed-model line balance in the scenario detail screen, you may see the order details screen when you click Next. If you didn't check that enabled schedule-driven balance check box, then you can ignore this screen and click Next. If you did, that means that you want to generate a balance based on a specific set of orders. The Proplanner line balancing will calculate the demand percentages for the models and for the options in the orders that you select.


So first you want to decide if you want to choose orders that have already been loaded into the Proplanner database. If so, then you can decide if you want to select orders from a single day or from a date range. I'm going to set mine for a single day and i'm going to click get orders and we can see that orders from the date I selected were loaded in from the order data management section of Proplanner.


If you only wanted to fetch orders from the build list rather than the build list and the order list then you could check this box and then click get orders. 


If you have multiple assembly lines defined in the database you want to make sure to set that selection before clicking Get Orders. If there is a specific order number or a series of order numbers that you want to type in and specify, then you can define those here. Or, if you have an excel file that's formatted correctly but hasn't been loaded into the order data management screen in Proplanner you can browse to that excel file and load them in from here.


Once you have your selected orders and they're shown in the spreadsheet, if there are any that you want to exclude then you can select the row header and click exclude. If you want to rearrange the order of these units, then you can use the move and move down to do so. when you're done you can click Next.

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