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How to Set Scenario Details


Video Transcript:


To create a new scenario go to file, new scenario, or select the new scenario icon. First, you will want to create a scenario name for your scenario. Next, you will want to type any notes that you want to associate with the scenario. Next, you will want to select your target date which determines which activities will be included in the scenario.


Activities can time in or time out depending on their activity from date and activity to date. The time rank and drop down here determine which times Assembly Planner will look at when associating the times with the activities in the line balance.


The time range selected here determines that Assembly Planner will look at the estimated time first and if the estimated time has a time of 0 then Assembly Planner will move on to calculate the times for that activity. If the calculated time is also 0 then it will move on to observe time and use that.

Now if you enable schedule different balance you can use orders to generate the model and option penetration percentages. If your line produces one product then you would use the single model line, if it produces multiple you would use the mixed model line.


If you can only work on your product from one side of the product you would use single-sided. If you have multiple work zones and work on it in multiple areas you would select multi-sided.

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