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Importance of Part Consumption


Most companies are using the concept of part consumption today. Although often sporadically and ineffectively. So why is documenting consumption crucial to creating an effective production environment?

To name a few reasons, industrial and manufacturing engineers must know what parts belong to teach product so they can develop and document assembly processes to incorporate each part.


Material handling must know what parts need to be delivered to which areas or stations because as everyone knows, if the parts aren't available, production stops.


Operators must know what parts to use to build each unit correctly. Quality must know what parts are required for each unit and at what specifications so they can perform their inspections properly.


Proplanner addresses each of these issues with the integrated solutions within Assembly Planner. Engineers can map parts from specific BOMs to specific tasks instead of either maintaining separate sets of routings and work instructions for each product model or creating generic routings and work instructions.


Engineers can identify the exact parts that should be used for each individual model and option combination. Once engineers have begun mapping at consumption, they can use the consumption workbench to ensure that all parts are accounted for correctly.

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