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Manually Reassigning Activities


Video Transcript:


To move an activity from one station to another, select the activity by clicking on any of the cells within the row or by clicking on the row header and dragging and dropping it onto the bar or the station's label of the station where you want the activity to be assigned.


If the activity is part of a task group, this window will ask you if you want to move all of the tasks in the group or just the selected task. I want to move all of the tasks in the group so I will select yes.  As you can see, the chart has been updated with the new times based on the new assignments of the activities.


Another way you can move an activity from one station to another is by right-clicking on the activity and clicking change assignment. Here you can change the station ID of the station where you want the activity to be moved and the operator that will be performing this activity.


If you want to consider task grouping and have all the tasks in the group be moved at the same time as this task, you would check this box otherwise, you would want to uncheck this box to move only this task.

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