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Model and Option Search Controls


Video Transcript:


Within Assembly Planner mapping models, as well as options to the activities, is pretty important. There are a number of places where you have model and option search controls.

So here I'm in the model option mapping tab on the activity and I have buttons to add models and add options. When I select add options I can see the option search control. I can perform a basic search such as this where I can search for a text string followed by a wild card to return all of the values and then I can do a multi-select holding control for a discontinuous select and I can hold shift for a continuous select.

I can also sort the columns based on the column values by clicking on the headers. I can do a basic filter by selecting the funnel icon and then picking from the list. I can also establish custom filters like this where I have the ability to describe different conditions.

For example, I'm going to perform a search where the description is like Inge and it's not able to find anything in the grid. I can select this button and I have a quick view to pull up prior searches that had been performed. I can also select an edit filter that allows me to perform an even more advanced filter function or have the ability to set up and in or conditions.

So here what I can do is I can say well go ahead and show me everything within this list that contains the description contains within the description ENG I can press ok and then it will find those for me. I also have the ability to create custom views or I can remove the columns that I'm not interested in seeing in the search results and then I have the ability to sort the order that the visible fields are shown and then I can adjust the width of the columns. So I'm going to take this from 150 to 120 by pressing add it will add that.

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