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Plan for Every Part Overview

Video Transcript:


Proplanner's PFEP module is the plan for every part logistics database that serves as the master repository for all of the company's internal logistics and handling information. PFEP is integrated into Proplanner's Assembly Planner and when used with the line balancing and engineering change modules, your part plan data will be automatically updated when any product or process changes made. This means that you will always know where each part is being consumed and therefore when and where it should be delivered. 


Before defining your part plans, there are some information that enter that will help you create your part plans. You can store detailed information for each container used to store and transport materials. You can also store detailed information for every material cart in your facility.


Within this system, kanban parts are typically carried in containers whereas kitted parts are carried on carts. You'll also enter location data to your database you'll define every workstation, supermarket, dock, warehouse, and rack location in which your parts are stored.


In PFEP your output methods are the ways in which a notification is delivered when replenishment is necessary. Your replenishment systems help model the systems that manage different types of parts kanban, kitting, direct, or sequence replenishment parts.


Now we see select the sample part plans, each part plan defines the origination and destination point of any movement, as well as how material handlers will know when to transport it. You can view all part plan records at once, search for specific part plans, or use the sorting and filtering tools to narrow the number of plans shown.

If you're using Proplanner's eKitting module, Assembly Planner will automatically generate printable rack labels so that parts can be electronically tracked as they are removed from their storage racks and delivered to their destination.


If you're using Proplanner's eKanban module, you can create kanban labels to track parts as they move throughout your facility. In addition, you can generate reports in the PFEP interface to track and understand the movement of carts throughout your facility.


Please see our website or check for more videos to learn more about Proplanner's eKanban eKitting tools. by using PFEP to manage your internal logistics data you will far surpass your ability to keep records up to date as opposed to creating static documents in Excel or other spreadsheet tools. You can transform your internal logistics operations and drastically improve your ability to provide your shop floor workers with the necessary parts to keep up with your production schedule.

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