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ProTime Estimation Overview


Video Transcript:


With the easy-to-use interface of Proplanner's ProTime Estimation, multiple time studies can be performed and managed in just a few clicks. Engineers can associate estimated, calculated, and observe time studies to a single work task. If you're planning to complete all three types of studies, we suggest taking the following steps.


First, define and manage a list of all tasks performed for a particular study. Next, you can choose to define the structure of the process. For example, in what sequence are tasks performed, and are there some tasks repeated several times in a row? You can then input historical time data in the estimated time tab.


You can assign an allowance and define the breakdown of value-added versus non-value-added time. The task classification tool built into all studies within ProTime Estimation can help with detailed task analysis and lean process improvement. In the observed time tab, you can perform live or video-based stop our studies. One advantage of video is that you can watch the task being performed over and over to get a true picture of the overall process. You can also return to a video study at a later date to understand the process at the time the study was created.


As you watch the video, you can record the start and end times of each task simply by double-clicking a task from the list, when it is complete. If you miss the breakpoint between two tasks, you can review and adjust the breakpoint later. You can assign ratings to an operator task, allowances to the study, or individual tasks and you can define the breakdown of value-added versus on value-added tasks.


Next, in the calculate time tab you can use the most popular predetermined time standards including MTM Most and MODAPTS, or create your own standards. Simply select the task you want to analyze, select time standard, and perform your motion study by typing or double-clicking element IDs.


If you recorded a video observation for the task, you can play the video clip for that task as you perform the calculated study. When you've stored times for your tasks in any of the studies you can return to the task tab and view summary data for all the studies. Once your types of these are complete, advanced summary reports can be automatically generated to display detailed process information for analysis and process improvement.


Process waste and task classification data are demonstrated clearly through pie charts, Pareto charts, and Gantt charts. The colors you see on these charts can be customized to your needs. Proplanner's ProTime Estimation can be distributed as a standalone package or can be integrated with Proplanner's other applications. Either way, your time studies will be organized and accurate with Proplanner's ProTime Estimation.

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