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ProTime Estimation Report Control Features


Video Transcript:


The report controls offer a significant number of options for viewing, saving, exporting, emailing, or printing your report. 


Within the report controls, you can search for a keyword, you can open another report, save the report, set up the print setup for the report, or do a quick print, you can do the page setup for the report, or scale the report. 


You can use the hand tools to navigate through the report. You can use the magnification tool to zoom in on key aspects of the report. 


Here you can set the scale, you can also page through the report without using the scroll bar on the right. If you'd like to view multiple pages of the report at one time, you can set that here. You can adjust the background color of the report to your preference, or add a watermark. In addition, you can export the document in a large number of formats or email the document directly from the report menu. 

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